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Public and Organizational Workshops 

Cheryl is an inspiring, seasoned and engaging workshop facilitator. She offers both public and corporate workshops. Many corporate organizations continue to engage with Cheryl long term for team development. 


Click on title below to learn some of the workshops available. 

  1. Authentic Leadership

  2. Cultivating Joy with The Practice of Gratitude

  3. Increasing Happiness at Work with The Practise of Gratitude

  4. Leading With Trust

  5. Managing Change With Courage and Vulnerability

  6. Strengths Based Teamwork


** Other customized workshops available; based on group needs. 

Customized Group Coaching/Staff Retreats 

Looking for a dynamic and seasoned facilitator for your next staff retreat or important team meeting? Email Cheryl for a free consultation based on your organizational goals and team needs. Cheryl is a master at helping teams tackle a difficult topic and discover fresh perspectives and solutions to create 


Brene Brown™ Programs

Cheryl is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown. 

Click here to learn more


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