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About Cheryl




Here are words that clients use to describe CherylMCoach:

""Cheryl and I connected from the heart right from the start, which immediately created a circle of trust allowing me to be vulnerable, honest and exploratory.  As a business professional, connecting the heart and the mind is not always easy in the corporate sector and I have not only incorporated this into my life but also encourage others to do the same.  At the start, my values were established and kept front of mind which Cheryl held me true to at every coaching session.  Even when my heart and/or mind steered me in a different direction, living true to my values is ultimately my place of rest and peace.  Over the years, I have reconnected with Cheryl for long or short term coaching to keep me on my track of self-discovery.  As I face difference challenges, I refer back to Cheryl’s notes and can still hear her voice encouraging me along the way. Cheryl is a gift from God in the true sense as Cheryl truly cares no matter where you are in life and who you will remember always."-- Ruth, Sr. Management, Financial Sector



"Cheryl is authentic in every way.  I always felt that she was genuinely interested in my personal growth and me.  She is insightful, wise and caring. Her natural discernment serves to enhance her coaching abilities in a fashion that enables her to ask the right questions to lead you on a journey of discovery to where you ultimately want to get to.  Thank you Cheryl for your expert assistance on my journey toward greater significance." -- Dave, Entrepreneur and Speaker



"From the first time I met Cheryl I was impressed by her sharp perception, non-judgmental, and compassionate methods and style of life coaching. I was at a very low point in my life and really needed help and insight to get "unstuck". After each session I had a much clearer understanding of myself, my gift mix, and strengths and weaknesses. The results of the test Cheryl had me do and her wisdom, insight and ability to hear from God were no match for my inability to move forward. With Cheryl's help, I began to see where I had stopped changing and growing and was able to move on from there with a greater understanding of myself. I have often used her wisdom in decisions I have needed to make since then, often relying on key phrases and bits of wisdom that were imparted to me. I have and will continue to whole-heartedly recommend Cheryl’s service as an incredible life coach." -- Valerie, Leader



"Cheryl believes in each person’s ability to reach his or her full potential; you can feel it as soon as you’re with her. Her vast life experience gives her credibility as she has really lived the tough stuff. Coaching with Cheryl helped me in the early days of motherhood, and I am forever grateful for her encouragement and belief." -- Jacqui, Consultant



"My life has dramatically changed since I began coaching! Cheryl's powerful questions combined with her adaptability and active listening have brought me clarity and answers far surpassing my expectation.  Cheryl's coaching has opened my understanding to pursue a life of fulfillment in spite of my circumstances. I look forward to my sessions as she engages in every aspect of my feelings, thoughts and processes. Her non-judgmental, open-minded and free spirited approach gives me confidence to share openly and honestly. We have a lot of fun and I am able to implement the ideas and strategies in to my everyday life. She is truly gifted!" -- Charmaine, DSW


"I am so thankful to have had Cheryl as my Life Coach! Sessions with her have surpassed every expectation! She gave me tools to use as I began moving forward in my life - tools to help DREAM again as I reached towards God's Vision for my life. She taught me how to focus on finding ways to build and grow, how to move forward, rather than focusing on what was not working in my life. Having Cheryl as my coach has taught me so much about the image of God and helped increase my ability to hear Him in the very midst of the turmoil of separation and divorce. Her coaching has helped propelled me forward, into an emotionally healthy life. I am richly blessed to have such a godly, knowledgeable coach! My LIFE is ABUNDANTLY FULL! "-- Grace, ASD Support Worker

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