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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone decide to work with a coach?

An individual or team chooses to work with a coach for many reasons. Here are just a few possibilities:


  • Career planning or career shift

  • Something urgent, compelling or exciting is at stake

  • Transition, change, or a crossroads is present

  • A desire to see greater results

  • A list of dreams that are not actualized

  • A lack of clarity with choices to be made

  • Feeling stuck, stagnant or underutilized

  • Work and life are out of balance

  • Inspiration, direction and focus are needed

  • Self leadership and accountability

Is coaching the same as counselling or therapy?

No. Therapy and counseling deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or in relationships. The focus is often on resolving difficulties arising from the past that hamper an individual's emotional functioning in the present.


Coaching, on the other hand, supports personal an professional growth based on self-initiated change in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. Coaching is future focused. While positive feelings/emotions may be a natural outcome of coaching, the primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one's work or personal life.


Coaching is not about "fixing" anyone, but discovering what really matters and having someone who is championing you to go after all that you were made for. Coaching focuses on action, accountability, and follow through.

Are there professional standards for the coaching industry?

Yes, there are. Working with a Certified Professional coach offers you peace of mind knowing that your coach is properly trained and follows a strict code of ethics and core competencies. I am accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF). It is the leading global coaching organization and professional association for coaches.

Coaching seems like a big investment of time and money, is it really worth it?

My question for you is:


What is it worth for you to live the life you really want?


What if you could live and work in a way that fulfills your purpose?


What if you could find the support, clarity and inspiration needed to move forward and achieve your hopes and dreams?


According to a Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives, coaching resulted in a return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the program cost as well as a 77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, 61% improvement in job satisfaction and 48% improvement in quality.


Still not sure?

Click here to discover what my client’s are saying about coaching with me. 


Where is coaching done?

Coaching is done on the phone or in person. Distance is never an obstacle. I've had clients from across Canada, and even across the world! Phone coaching is an easy option that is very successful and it minimizes distractions, creates better privacy, greater efficiency, and actually creates a very focused and intentional connection to the client. Follow up session notes with action steps are provided to clients as a unique bonus.

What kind of time investment is required to be coached?

A sweet spot for many coaches and clients seems to be two to three sessions per month for 45-60 minutes a session - a miniscule investment of time for the results! Frequency of coaching and duration is set based on client need.

What can I expect from you as a coach?

You can expect me to lean in closely to your goals and:


  • partner with you in bringing out the best and greatness in you.

  • create a safe; inspiring and supportive space in which you can let yourself be real and discover what possible.

  • expand your view of what is possible and promote the discovery of new motivating perspectives.

  • help uncover the voices or stories that are sabotaging you from what you really want.

  • listen carefully to what you say and ask questions that causes you to tap into the inspiration and motivation needed to move forward.

  • give honest feedback. Sometimes that means holding a mirror up so you can see clearly. Feedback is not about right and wrong, it’s about fresh perspective.

  • help you gain clarity on what you most want and then help you create a course of action that aligns with your values and builds on your strengths.

  • hold our conversation in highest of confidentiality. Not only is it my personal desire, but also it’s my ethical and professional responsibility.

  • stand on the other side of your dream/goal; fiercely holding the hope of all that is possible there.

  • hold you accountable and challenge you to grow and do more than you think you can do.

  • call you forward, into bold choices and action that will move you into your future hopes and dreams.

Cheryl is Certified Professional Coactive Coach. What does that mean?

The Coactive Coaching Model is unlike other kinds of coaching. It begins by holding the client as naturally creative, resourceful and whole and capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face.


The job of a Co-Active Coach® is to ask powerful questions, listen and empower to bring forward the skills and creativity that a client already possesses, rather than instruct or advise. Co-Active coaching uses an array of proprietary tools developed by CTI that have been proven as the gold standard over the past 20 years of the coaching profession. Click here to read more about the Coactive Coaching Model.


Can I try before I invest?

Most people don’t know what coaching is like and are hesitant about the process. No worries. The best way to experience coaching is to book a “sample session”.  This way you can get a taste of what the coaching experience is like, what I’m like AND what’s possible for you. No pressure, no gimmick, just inspiration and possibilities.


Book a FREE Sample Session


Still have questions? Feel free to send me an email.

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