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What is Coaching?






advance | shift | change | motion step | progress | movement | action


Tired of being stuck?

Wishing you could see progress ?


Coaching is all about forward movement. The next natural step after being inspired is about action and learning.

It’s about moving past your comfort zone to make courageous, bold choices that resonate with your values, purpose, vision and goals.


This powerful phase creates a huge environment for learning and a sense of great renewed energy and fuel.


Movement can look like:

  • saying “yes” or “no”

  • taking risks, exploring

  • choosing new perspectives

  • strategizing, goal setting

  • commitment

  • action steps


This invigorating phase of coaching is about change and seeing results. It is highly customized and driven by the clients desire for action. It’s an "exciting and scary"  phase that offers incredible solutions, alignment and clarity. It leads to sustained and effective change. It propels you forward and gives you the energy needed to advance and achieve.  

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