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What if you could

reach your goals and dreams?


Discover the Coaching Process


awaken | hope | spark | motivate invigorate | imagine | dream


Where are you headed?

What's possible in your future?


Coaching starts by reconnecting with what inspires you. This creates

a compelling vision for the future and all that is possible. In this space, answers come, ideas are generated and courage is gained to make powerful choices towards lasting change.


advance | shift | change | motion step | progress | movement | action  


Tired of being stuck?

Wishing you could see progress ?


Coaching is all about forward movement. The next natural step after being inspired is about action and learning. It’s about moving past your comfort zone to make courageous, bold choices that resonate with your values, purpose, vision and goals.


fulfill | complete | reach | gain | solve | accomplish | arrive


Reach your goal!

What impact could it have?


Coaching is about various levels of achievement. Each choice, each mile marker is celebrated and new insights achieved. It creates courage and brings inspiration for more. More alignment, more energy, more fulfillment and a deep sense of being on target. 

Meet CherylMCoach

Cheryl Molenaar is an inspiring, intuitive coach who has a contagious passion to see people and organizations move forward and achieve personal and professional goals. She has a gift of knowing how to get you tapped into what really matters and what get’s you inspired and fired up. Through humor, passion and intuition, she helps you find ways to move out of the “stuck rut” and into a place of purpose, passion and fulfillment. Read More

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