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Ready to Transition into 2016?

It's only a few short days until 2015 completes. What if you could give yourself an invaluable gift that could impact all of 2016? It's possible and it takes intentionality.

This is a week where many people have begun to consider "New Years Resolutions" like losing weight or to reduce debt etc. While these are good goals, they can only be realized or re-aligned by taking some time out to do some thinking.

I love taking time over New Years to not only think about my future, but to celebrate and evaluate the past year. This is VERY important. Too often we get focused on new goals, but don’t take the time to consider past ones. Transition is accomplished well when we include both. This is a critical and necessary step to healthy transition. Strong souls review the past in order to capture the learning. You may have faced some so-called “fails” throughout this year. Reframe your perspective about failure and remember:

It’s only failure if you stop trying or don’t learn from it.

Here’s some great questions to ask yourself as you reconsider your past year:

  • What would I like to celebrate from 2015?

  • What were the wins?

  • What were the “fails” and what is the key learning that I can keep moving forward?

  • What is really important as I move into 2016?

This process is a really important phase of transition as you move into the New Year. It creates a sense of clarity and really allows you to let go of regret and move into a perspective of growth and momentum.

Now you are ready to consider your transition into the New Year! First, revisit your core values and then ask yourself these questions:

  • What is really important to me as I move into 2016?

  • What values do I want to lean into more this year?

  • Where do I want to spend my time that will have the most impact and the greatest sense of fulfillment?

  • What’s holding me back?

  • What do I need to say YES and NO to in order to achieve my goals?

There are a lot of powerful coaching questions here, which if given the time to consider, will bring you great clarity as you move into 2016. Your life and future fulfillment is worth the time it takes to consider these questions and more.

Want to dig deeper and come up with a purposeful, customized, powerful plan for this year?

Contact Me or Click Here to find out more how coaching can be one of your greatest gifts this coming year.

Be Inspired,

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