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I confess that I am not a person who enjoys working out. I tell myself that I'm practically allergic to it, and yet - I want to be healthy. Recently I took a personality profile test that even pointed to the fact that I really don't enjoy a physical workout and that it’s not my natural choice to be physically active. It’s clear I would not make a good olympic athlete or farmer. Upon seeing these results, I had the opportunity to use this information as yet another excuse not to make choices that will lead me to the life I want.

The life I want, includes being physically fit so that I can be present with my family, live a long, healthy life and make memories with those I love most.

This war in my head about exercise goes beyond logic and reason. My past experience as a nurse has informed me well on the incredible benefits that exercise can have on my body, mind and spirit. And yet, I still resist it. I can come up with a solid list of reasons why I choose not to exercise. This list turns into a voice that hinders me from obtaining the life I truly want.

Perspective informs progress.

There is always more than one perspective. My perspective may be right, realistic or reasonable to me, but if it leaves me stuck… then its time to find a new one!

Thankfully, I’m smart enough to access my own coach to help me uncover a motivating and inspiring perspective. One that will shift me into making choices that will move me forward and are in direct alignment with my dreams. This perspective can’t come from someone who loves exercise, it has to come from a deep place within me. If not, I’m accessing someone else’s motivation that doesn’t resonate, and once again, it will lead to a place of being stuck, unfilled and ultimately experiencing unrealized dreams.

This particular perspective has taken me a while to find. It took trial and error and was most definitely worth the search and find.

It all came down to this one word, this one inspiring perspective: Untethered.

un·teth·er-ed -

- not confined or restricted with a tether

- unbound- not restrained or tied down by bonds

tether -

- a restricting rope, chain, etc, by which an animals tied to a particular spot

- to tie or limit with or as if with a tether

I started to ask myself:

What if working out could be for a different kind of weight loss?

What if I could lose the weight of things that hold me down or keep me stuck?

The thought of letting go of everything that hinders me, is extremely motivating for me. It leans into my value of growth and leadership.

The truth is, I don’t always know how to let go and yet - if I don’t - I feel the same as if I’ve gained 20 lbs and can’t fit into my favourite clothes. I’m weighed down and heavy. I’m not who I want to be and I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Becoming untethered from all that I cannot control is a perspective that I REALLY want. I know it will lead me to a inspiring, free life and can help me to see opportunities, that are otherwise unnoticed.

I began to imagine exercise as being a time to "let go of" or "detach from" all the things, worries, concerns and responsibilities that are tethered to me. I knew that for it to work, I had to include the perspective that I could let go, and let God.

Sounds cheesy, but to me it meant I was choosing to let go AND trust God, not myself. All of a sudden; I wanted to work out! I still don't love to workout, but I want to. This was the perspective I needed to get motivated and inspired. Now I could reach my goals to be healthy, inside and out!

Here’s some great wisdom from the bible that reinforces my new perspective:

"…...let us drop every extra weight, every sin that clings to us and slackens our pace, and let us run with endurance the long race set before us.” - Hebrews 12:1

Goals and future dreams are worth fighting for. Consider coaching to find a inspiring perspective that will move you forward in a way that you couldn’t possibly imagine!

Be Inspired,

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