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It's only a few short days until 2015 completes. What if you could give yourself an invaluable gift that could impact all of 2016? It's possible and it takes intentionality.

This is a week where many people have begun to consider "New Years Resolutions" like losing weig...

I love the writings of Brene Brown. She's a brilliant, vulnerable leader whose research has taken the world by storm, specifically in the area of shame research. 


Shame is almost a dirty word in the minds of most of us. Not acknowledging it or dealing with it is l...

New Year's Resolutions are a hot topic. Some believe in them whole heartedly, while others think they are a waste of time. I like to take time at the end of each year and reflect on all that has occured and what I've learned. Life never turns out quite like we plan, do...

I confess that I am not a person who enjoys working out.  I tell myself that I'm practically allergic to it, and yet - I want to be healthy.  Recently I took a personality profile test that even pointed to the fact that I really don't enjoy a physical workout and that...

There’s nothing quite like a great road trip! It takes planning, preparation and intentionality to really enjoy the whole ride.


And so it is with our lives, work and relationships. In order to get to our desired destination, we have to know where we’re going, prepare o...

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Cheryl Molenaar is an inspiring, intuitive coach who has a contagious passion to see people and organizations move forward... 

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